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Canadian Work Permits

Many international employers enjoy the benefit of transferring their employees around the world to continue in employee development and to aid the company's overall goals. Canada is one country that has several options for intracompany transfers or new employees due to their regulations and treaties. When looking at transferring an individual to Canada, companies must examine whether or not an employee possesses one year of executive, managerial or specialized knowledge experience, and they must be transferring to a corresponding position in Canada. This category is similar to the L-1 intracompany transfer visa category for individuals transferring to the U.S.

Another option for the employment of an individual in Canada, who is not a current employee, is the T-23 classification. This classification is for citizens of the U.S. or Mexico who qualify under one of the 63 designations outlined under the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (f/k/a North American Free Trade Agreement) and is similar to the TN visa category for Canadians and Mexicans who would like to work in the U.S.

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