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Name Changes

Q: I just recently got married, how do I change my name on my passport/I-94 card?

A: Requests may be made for a name change on a passport through the Embassy or Consulate of the foreign nationals home country. The application procedures, required documents and processing times vary based on the Embassy or Consulate. A new I-94 card will be issued upon reentry to the U.S. after travel abroad based on the name listed in the passport presented to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Q: I recently got married and my name is now different. How do I change my immigration documents to reflect my new name?

A: Foreign nationals with recent name changes should not be required to file paperwork to change the name on their current visa or immigration classification documents.  However, they should carry a copy of their marriage certificate when traveling, in the event that a question would arise.  When it is time to renew their visa or immigration classification, the proper name revisions can be made on the applicable documents at that time.

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