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Family Immigration:Removal/Deportation Defense

Removal/Deportation Defense

Removal cases, also referred to as deportation, are incredibly complex and require the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney with expertise in helping individuals seek relief from removal.

The most important information our office needs to gather at the beginning of a potential removal case is as follows:

  • Did the individual commit a crime?
  • What crime did s/he commit and when?
  • When was s/he convicted? What was the sentence?
  • Does the individual have any prior convictions?
  • Has the DHS put a detainer on the individual or given them a Notice to Appear?
  • When did the individual come to the U.S.?
  • Is s/he a permanent resident? When was permanent residence status obtained?
  • Are the individual's parents or grandparents U.S. citizens? When did they become citizens?
  • What is the immigration status of the individual's spouse and children?
  • Has the individual ever been in removal, deportation or exclusion proceedings before?
  • Did the individual have any long absences from the U.S. (3 months or more) since arrival?

When avoiding removal is possible, Grzeca Law Group will explain in great detail the chance of success. When removal is unavoidable, and/or the only relief is voluntary departure to avoid the stain of a removal order on the individual's record, representatives at Grzeca Law Group are available to accompany clients to their Immigration Court hearings.

Grzeca Law Group has experience with a wide range of removal cases, including situations when a non-citizen has overstayed a visa or crossed the border illegally, to the most complex cases involving multiple appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals and Federal Court of Appeals.

A non-citizen who fears persecution or torture in his/her home country can apply to remain in the U.S. even if s/he has been convicted of aggravated felonies by filing an application for Asylum, Withholding of Deportation and relief pursuant to Convention Against Torture. The rules for this kind of relief are complex and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and courts often administer them rigidly and inflexibly. Grzeca Law Group has expertise in this area of law.

Grzeca Law Group's team of legal professionals also work closely with criminal defense attorneys to evaluate potential plea bargains to avoid immigration consequences and to maximize a non-citizen's chance for relief from removal. Grzeca Law Group regularly advises clients and criminal defense attorneys of the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

Don't wait until you have received an immigration hearing date; contact Grzeca Law Group as soon as the possibility of removal arises.

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